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Most homeowners usually focus on the interior of their homes like updating, maintaining, and renovating. However, taking care of the exterior is also equally important. In fact, protecting the home exterior is more crucial. This is because, if the home exterior is safe and protected, then only your interior will remain safe. Siding is one of the important home exterior elements.

The siding e home exterior is like the skin to your body that protects everything and improves appearance. And constant exposure to harsh weather conditions can cause your siding to break, crack, warp, and wear out. Therefore, regular siding maintenance and inspections are mandatory to keep your home protected and damage-free. We, at American Star Contractor, have been serving customers with siding installation and siding inspection in White Plains and across New York.

We, at American Star Contractor, have experienced contractors who are committed to delivering quality and timely services, such as siding installation, siding inspection, siding maintenance, and siding repair in White Plains. Apart from this, we also offer gutter and roofing services, such as gutter installation, gutter cleaning, gutter repair, roof installation, roof repairs, and roof maintenance in White Plains.

Experienced siding & gutter contractors in White Plains, NY

Our contractors are not only experienced but also skilled enough to handle any home improvement projects. So, if you’re looking to enhance the appearance of your home or want to improve its resale value, our qualified contractors can help you meet all your expectations. So, whether you have a leaky roof or overflowing gutter or peeled paint, we have got you covered.

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When it comes to inspection and maintenance services, we have all the required materials and tools to complete the project accurately and within time. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. This way we ensure to offer the right siding solutions, including siding installation, siding maintenance, siding repairs, and siding inspection in White Plains and various locations around New York City.

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