Skylight Replacements

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Skylight Replacements

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Oftentimes we are not able to ascertain the exact problem that is causing the condition of the skylight to deteriorate and ultimately get damaged.

If the problem is not in the flashing or the frame of the skylight, maybe it is time to replace the installed skylight with a brand new one. Replacing a skylight is similar to replacing a window.

It takes a lot of effort to install a skylight. Therefore, it is important that you only hire a professional contracting company such as the American Star Contracting Corp for skylight replacement in Westchester.

While replacing a skylight, it is a fact that some rows of the shingles will also have to be removed and replaced with new ones. Our experts pay attention to every minor detail and perform every task with utmost precision and expertise. First, we send a professional from our team to conduct an inspection and determine the level of damage. After this, the skylight will be loosened and detached from underneath. The new skylight will then be placed on the roof. The flashing will be attached after the process of skylight replacement has been completed.

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At the American Star Contractor Corp, we ensure that we pay attention to detail and render high-quality Skylight Replacement services in Westchester. Call our professionals for advanced skylight replacement services. We are a team dedicated to deriving 100% customer satisfaction through our services.

Apart from skylight replacement services, we also provide skylight maintenance, installation, and repair services. The experts at the American Star Contractor Corp have years of experience in providing Skylight Replacement services in Westchester. The professionals are highly trained in using modern tools and technologies and furnishing satisfactory results. Happy customers are our top most priority, and we do that by rendering modern-tech services.

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