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Improve your chimney’s functionality with chimney maintenance in New York

Do you remember when was the last time you got your chimney inspected by the professionals? If not soon, it’s time to consider it now!

A well-installed and clean chimney not only boost efficiency but also reduces the risk of fire hazards in homes and offices. Each year, the United States experiences more than 24,000 chimney fire mishaps.

Thus to avoid such mishaps, regular chimney maintenance is crucial. And preventive maintenance is always more affordable than repairs, which can be avoided.

We, at American Star Contractor Corp, have been delivery customers with chimney maintenance services for many years.

We, at American Star Contractor Corp, have certified technicians who are highly-trained and knowledgeable in dealing with any kind of systems, such as wood, gas, and oil-burning appliances. We have happy customers in Westchester NY, Yonkers NY, Harrison NY, Port Chester NY, Eastchester NY, and various other locations across New York. Our chimney experts are committed to offering quality services at competitive prices.

New York chimney maintenance services

Our professionals are well-familiar with industry standards. They know the industry-approved chimney size, materials, and tools used for chimney maintenance. When it comes to chimney maintenance and inspection, our contractors perform a comprehensive visual inspection. We check all the chimney components, such as brick, crown, and motor for any signs of damage and deterioration. Our customers and their safety is our No #1 priority. This means, even if you call us any time of the day, we act immediately. We take pride in keeping a lot of building owners safe with our chimney maintenance and inspection services in Tarrytown NY, White Plains NY, Dobbs Ferry NY, and Mamaroneck NY.

We, at American Star Contractor Corp, use state of the art equipment for chimney installation, chimney cleaning, chimney maintenance, and chimney repairs in New York. And our technicians also stay abreast with latest chimney design trends and smart feature that can be used to enhance the functionality or look of your chimney. Hence, we bring comfort and safety to your home and office, which adds value. By hiring our chimney technicians, you will not only get quality and customer satisfaction but also unparalleled services at competitive prices.

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