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Many people are ignorant about the fact that installing a new roof is very important when the old one starts showing signs of excessive wear and tear. Imagine drops of water leaking onto your expensive furniture in monsoons. You obviously do not want to aggravate the damage and make it worse. It is best to appoint Roofing Services in Yonkers to get a new roof installed on your commercial as well as residential property. And when it comes to roofing installations, American Star Contracting Corp is your safest bet.

Cracks in the roof, potential leaks, and deteriorated asphalt shingles are all signs that show that it is the right time for Roof Installations in Scarsdale. Once installed, a roof will provide sturdy protection to your property for approximately 25-30 years. However, if the roof is made using cheap materials, the roof might only last for 10-15 years. In such a scenario, it is best that you appoint a professional contracting company that has experience in providing roof installation services from scratch.

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The American Star Contracting Corp is one of the leading Roofing Services companies in Yonkers that provide comprehensive Roof Installations services in Scarsdale. We have years of experience and make use of modern methods to safeguard your property with sturdy roof installation.

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Are you in search of professional roofing services? Contact the craftsmen at the American Star Contracting Corp. We are a full-service contracting company who has decades of experience in providing high-quality Roof Installations in Scarsdale. Backed by a dedicated team, we aim to derive 100% customer satisfaction through our quality of work. We comprehensively train our professionals and make use of high-tech modern tools and amenities to provide you extensive roofing services. We are just a call away! Get instant assistance with the learned professionals at the American Star Contracting Corp. What’s more? We will even provide you with a quote for the Roof Installations in Scarsdale.

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